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Sat Dec 31 22:45:40 UTC 2022

*Subject:* a few thoughts

I am extremely susceptible to road rage and in general, losing my temper -
quick to anger over frustration (it doesn't help that I am a Type A and the
world if full of people who are Type Bs, it would seem).  I found a cure,
or a partial cure;

Forgiveness.  I am not a Christian but am a follower of Jesus in this
regard.  I tried forgiving drivers who cut me off, etc. It was really hard
but I stuck to it and it works.  You have to do it immediately.  It also
works outside the car.  I can't think of many situations where getting
angry is useful.  It just makes most of us do stupid things we regret

Never mind what those morons deserve - they certainly don't deserve
forgiveness (or do they?).  But I need it for myself.  It may lengthen my
life, as I have a weak heart and don't need to push it.

Revenge and retribution seem to be the weapons of many people and I think
it is bad for their health, esp. since most of them are not going to take
any action anyway to get the revenge etc.  Anger can last for years in the
form of grudges, and I have dealt with those too, successfully, by

No, I don't believe in poetic justice. Morons get away with things all the
time but I am not going to let them ruin my day or life.

Happy New Year!

 bill w
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