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>  [ much ado about 2 ]
What makes geek out over this arbitrary identifier?

2:22:22 happens every day
22 day happens every month
2 month every year

So what level of confluence warrants the attention?

I'm not trying to be a curmudgeon or a killjoy, more like trying to get at
the weird compulsion we have as pattern detectors

I have been observing a digital time display in the reflection off the
nightstand and am surprised by the frequency that the reflection is a valid
time. Ex: 3:25 has reflective symmetry with 3:52, which is also a valid
time.  Yeah, these might be nuisance thoughts, but I do the math for the
interval between the times: 33 minutes.  Then I considered the probability
that any minute of the day has a valid reflection.  1,3,8 are self-similar,
2 and 5 are reflective.  Digits 4,6,7,9 break this relation.

I got very confused listing the groups to count exact probability, but over
many instances of noticing that clock it seems more likely than intuition
might have first suspected. (There may be some bias around daily routine
looking at a bedside clock)  so yeah, interesting math problems from a
curious observation of a clock.  I think I'm in good company on this, even
if that company are rare weirdos. :)

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