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 [ much ado about 2 ]

>…What makes geek out over this arbitrary identifier?  


2:22:22 happens every day

22 day happens every month

2 month every year


>…So what level of confluence warrants the attention?


>…I'm not trying to be a curmudgeon or a killjoy, more like trying to get at the weird compulsion we have as pattern detectors….  I think I'm in good company on this, even if that company are rare weirdos. :)  Mike




Great question Mike, thx.  I am on my way out the door for another matter, but I will offer this notion: the reason we love patterns and the reason why poker is such a popular card game all over the world, valuing one group of cards over another, when every randomly-dealt hand is exactly equally probable with every other: it is because we, as a species, survived and dominated the planet as a result of superior pattern-recognition ability.  We aren’t the fastest, we aren’t the anything really, but we are the best species at recognizing patterns in everything, then figuring out how to make those patterns work for us.  We can go anywhere we want on the planet, work with the familiar patterns, extrapolate into technology, and there we are.


Evolutionary psychology explains why we humans love patterns.  It explains why we love chess and poker and other pattern recognition games.  Hell we even made intelligence tests which were really all about pattern recognition, gotta scoot, pls Mike your thoughts?



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