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> On 08/02/2022 01:46, BillK wrote:
> > If a mind can be run on hardware -
> Well, it's the hardware we have now that has made minds possible. What
> is the brain, if not hardware? Ok, it's squishy, but that's not what we
> mean when we distinguish between hardware and software. You could say
> "non-organic hardware", but who's to say that we have to use non-organic
> hardware to construct future mind substrates? Polymer brains might well
> be possible. It could be that going down a silicon and electrons route
> wouldn't be such a good idea, given how vulnerable that would be to
> cosmic rays and such.

It is a fact of the matter that all information in our current
"non-organic" systems is abstract, like the word "red", composed of strings
of ones and zeros.  These are purposely abstracted away from any physical
properties (i.e. wavelengths of light or the verry different colorness
qualities like redness) representing them.  You can't know what any of
those abstract words like red represent without a dictionary.  We on the
other hand, representing information, like knowledge of red things,
directly on phenomenal qualities of "squishy" stuff like redness and
greenness.  The redness quality your squishy stuff uses to represent red
knowledge with is your definition of red.  It is a fact that my brain could
be engineered such that my redness would be like your greenness, both of
which we call red, as illustrated here:

[image: 3_robots_tiny.png]

The only difference in the first two is a red green signal inverter in the
optic nerve, and a redness/greenness inverted dictionary.

My question is, do you currently disagree with any of these demonstrably
true facts?  And if not why do you continue to completely ignore facts like
this, when you talk about "squishy stuff"?

> The existence of our current brains and minds is all the proof needed
> that uploading is at least theoretically possible. Just as biology is
> proof that nanotechnology is possible.
> Ben
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