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Just as biology is
proof that nanotechnology is possible.   ben

Would you elaborate on that just a tiny bit for me?  What is it about
biology?  We are assuming the analogy is correct.  bill w

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> On 08/02/2022 01:46, BillK wrote:
> > If a mind can be run on hardware -
> Well, it's the hardware we have now that has made minds possible. What
> is the brain, if not hardware? Ok, it's squishy, but that's not what we
> mean when we distinguish between hardware and software. You could say
> "non-organic hardware", but who's to say that we have to use non-organic
> hardware to construct future mind substrates? Polymer brains might well
> be possible. It could be that going down a silicon and electrons route
> wouldn't be such a good idea, given how vulnerable that would be to
> cosmic rays and such.
> The existence of our current brains and minds is all the proof needed
> that uploading is at least theoretically possible. Just as biology is
> proof that nanotechnology is possible.
> Ben
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