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> Any attempt to collect refunded money could result in the risk that
> Gofundme would reveal who donated to the truckers.

This is the break in your chain of logic.  The donors would collect refunds
from Gofundme, true, but there is insufficient evidence that these
donations were linked to the truckers.  As I understand it, there's nothing
on any bank documents to indicate this: the banks only know that this is a
transfer from Gofundme to the person, not why.  The timing is insufficient
on its own: Gofundme refunds money all the time, so this could have been
from any of a number of campaigns.  And that's all the police would have to
go on.

No evidence, no bust.  If the police tried to arrest based on only that,
they would catch a number of legitimately innocent folk in their dragnet,
enough that they would probably have to let everyone go - with reduced
chances of using this as supporting evidence in a future case where they
have more to go on - and they know this.
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