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Then it occurred to me…

… that the option to keep the money would apply to ANY organization collecting money for ANY cause: there is no legally-enforceable requirement that the person or company collecting the funds to give it to anyone.


>…Sure there is.  They said they would do it.  To take the money and then not do what they said they would is fraud, which is illegal.  This has been well-litigated with fake charities…




OK but what if… what they said they would do is kinda nebulous?  If they write their mission statement carefully, they become a target made of cotton candy.


Let’s take the Canadian trucker example (a good one for many reasons.)  If Gofundme had just distributed a few brown bag lunches and a few cans of Diesel fuel, the strike is over in a few days, the truckers will probably win that one, they deliver their loads and go on their truckery way.  Now there is no one left to receive the donated food and fuel.  I don’t see that Gofundme is legally required to give back the left over funds, which is likely most of it. 



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