[ExI] i predict chaos

spike at rainier66.com spike at rainier66.com
Tue Jan 4 14:09:53 UTC 2022

Over the past 50 years (longer really) society has experienced (or perpetrated) a diminished collective skillset in multiple areas.  Good examples would be the collective ability to create a meal from raw produce, fixing a car or general home repairs.  We have accepted the societal interdependence resultant in greater specialization, so that now a far greater proportion of society subsists on food processed and packaged in a factory, cars don't need much attention anymore, most major appliances are replaced as a unit, and we call specialists for most home repairs.

Almost imperceptibly is the gradual diminishing of society's collective ability to follow a series of simple instructions.  I predict this will be demonstrated by the local public schools in their distribution of covid home tests.

The instructions are not complicated but there are a series of them.  My confident prediction is that a large portion of the general public will be unable to do them all correctly, resulting in the most common error being a false negative.  Many will not use the test and report negative (which counts as a false negative in those who have covid.)  It isn't as clear to me how one might get a false positive with these kits, but there you have it, my prediction: jillions of these tests distributed, a huge percentage of them used incorrectly, the most common result is a false negative.


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