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William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 20:19:15 UTC 2022

Blueprint: the evolutionary origins of a good society - Nicholas Christakis
- M.D. Ph. D. Harvard

Often my attitude towards sociologists is one of downright scorn, esp.
towards those who deny genetic origins of social behavior.  Here is a big

The first parts of the book were boring to me:  marriage customs in various
societies, and other areas of sociology that don't interest me.  But he
makes up for it later with plenty of good data on biology and genetics.

This book is where I got the examples I used in the 'mutation' posts of the
last few days.

It was not a game-changing book for me, but might be to some people.

Clear A   ratings - 4.5 stars   bill w
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