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>…Blueprint: the evolutionary origins of a good society - Nicholas Christakis - M.D. Ph. D. Harvard …   bill w


I read most of Christakis’ book and agree with billw: it’s good.  I was in a hurry and skimmed parts of it.  A bit of a slow starter as Bill pointed out.


Fun aside: a bit over 2 yrs ago (before covid started) Blueprint was hot off the press.  I was in Denver at a wedding.  Being an early riser, I went downstairs in the hotel and met a man, struck up a conversation.  He was about 50, hard hard core social justice warrior.  I found him most pleasant and entertaining, so I kept asking questions and letting him do most of the talking, which he was happy to do.  


The interesting part about this was he hated insurance companies, hated the concept of insurance, health insurance in particular, which is so strange because he worked for a health insurance company.  I have no heartburn with the concept at all.  What made that whole discussion so interesting is that this guy was attacking his own industry as I (kinda halfheartedly) defended.  Further irony: the young lady whose wedding I was attending works for the hospital system in getting insurance companies to pay the bills.


He was reading Blueprint.  So… I ordered a copy of it, liked it.  I am not endorsing all of Cristakis’ notions, just that I found the book and the deeply conflicted insurance exec most interesting.



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