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> Just posted this on Zvi Mowshowitz's blog:
> It's worth noting that the CCP staked a strong claim to being superior to
> other governments on their ability to contain the virus they deny having
> made. Their 50-cent army of propagandists have been incessantly crowing
> about how great the CCP is for being able to effectively stamp out the
> virus that brought the mighty US down. There is a lot of face to be lost if
> this achievement was to fail in a visible way, and in China face is
> everything. And of course the CCP can also fake almost every number that
> comes out of China.
> Given the above I would not be surprised if their currently low numbers
> were a stage of denial, when there is already enough Omicron going around
> but still low enough to pretend that containment works. At some point the
> mass infection wave might become impossible to hide but even then they
> might just stop testing and pretend it's just some sniffles, not the big
> bad Covid.
> A lot of strange things can happen in China.

It’s not impossible that they actually have low numbers. The state of
Western Australia has very low COVID numbers, around a dozen a day, while
other Australian states around it in the last few weeks have had daily
numbers in the thousands, and in the past week in the tens of thousands.
This is with travel restrictions and quarantine requirements from other
states and overseas, even though it has a ~2,000 km long mostly unpoliced
border with COVID affected states, and people slip through on a regular
basis. The West Australians’ problem is now is how long to continue their
isolation from the rest of the world.

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