[ExI] Interstellar Travel is really hard

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There are now 69 comments on the original article.
They are worth reading to see the discussion between the pro and anti
interstellar travel groups.


BillK, it is all about nanotech.  If we can figure out how to create a
replicating assembler, we can use standard propulsion technology that we
have had for most of a century, go ahead and take a thousand years to get to
the nearest star, or ten thousand (keeping in mind we hafta somehow slow
back down when we arrive) then if we find stuff there we nanotech ourselves
back up to meter scale if we wish.

The missing tech is how to get ourselves, or the part we care about, down to
the micrometer scale, and verify that our sentience is not substrate
dependent (I think consciousness is substrate independent, but I can't say I
know that for certain.)


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