[ExI] AI software is now writing the internet

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Sun Jan 16 11:44:47 UTC 2022

Sample description -

Finally, an AI that does your writing for you.
Say goodbye to writer’s block. With this AI writing assistant, you can
generate high-quality, human-level blog posts, landing pages, emails,
product descriptions, digital ads and more in seconds.

The software is impressive but still needs human editing.
Fact-checking is also required. Since it uses the web to create, the
more widely covered the topic, the more sources it has to extract
information from. However, having more information available also
means that more misinformation is also available, making it harder to
tell facts from fiction.
Pricing can be expensive.

It will soon be difficult to tell whether you are talking to or
reading posts from a human or AI software.


Sample companies:

Jarvis AI

Grammarly Business






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