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Sun Jan 16 23:20:37 UTC 2022

I recently acted as handling editor for a submission for a well known
journal. The article was so bad it should not have gotten past a desk

I was forced to entertain the idea that the article was a hand edited
construct  GPT3 , coached into existence  by toxified incentives of unknown

I still do not know what actually happened in the case of this article. Was
it human? What i do know is that editing and reviewing scientific  papers
has a whole new aspect to it.

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> Sample description -
> Finally, an AI that does your writing for you.
> Say goodbye to writer’s block. With this AI writing assistant, you can
> generate high-quality, human-level blog posts, landing pages, emails,
> product descriptions, digital ads and more in seconds.
> ----------------------
> The software is impressive but still needs human editing.
> Fact-checking is also required. Since it uses the web to create, the
> more widely covered the topic, the more sources it has to extract
> information from. However, having more information available also
> means that more misinformation is also available, making it harder to
> tell facts from fiction.
> Pricing can be expensive.
> It will soon be difficult to tell whether you are talking to or
> reading posts from a human or AI software.
> BillK
> Sample companies:
> Jarvis AI
> <https://ddiy.co/jarvis>
> Grammarly Business
> <https://ddiy.co/grammarly-business>
> Peppertype.ai
> <https://ddiy.co/peppertype>
> Writer
> <https://ddiy.co/writercom>
> ContentBot
> <https://ddiy.co/contentbot>
> Writesonic
> <https://ddiy.co/writesonic>
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