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Hi, everyone,

I have a chance to pursue a master’s program in clinical microbiology here in DC. I’d appreciate some advice.

I’ve already met all the prerequisites for the program, which doesn’t require organic chemistry. One of my microbiology professors told me not to take it if I don’t have to have it. He took it a few years ago as an undergraduate and says he remembers almost none of it as far as the more complex reactions and mechanisms go. He instead recommended reading a book he used that will describe all the chemistry I need to know (I don’t recall the title—some tome on organic chemistry from an ecology standpoint).

My shelves are filled with organic chemistry books from my years of editing science textbooks, including those for general and organic chemistry (and ancillary elements such as solution manuals and instructor resource guides and lab exercises). I have a good command of the nomenclature and have never had a problem understanding organic chemistry as it manifests in microbiology. Yet I feel guilty at the idea of entering this program without having taken organic chemistry, as though I’m cheating.

What to do? I have a few options: I could take the first semester of organic chemistry this spring and the second semester over the summer, before the program begins in the fall. Or I could audit the courses instead of taking them for credit. Or I could just do self-study until the fall. Any thoughts?


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