[ExI] Tesla autopilot

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Wed Jan 19 02:00:33 UTC 2022

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Subject: [ExI] Tesla autopilot

Once Tesla issues the complete self-driving autopilot package the human in
the car will no longer be driving. The car might not even have a steering
wheel or any vehicle controls.
So if two Tesla cars crash at a junction, will they argue about which car
was at fault?
This could be the start of AIs becoming self-conscious.


BillK, it's a critical question: does the car have a steering wheel or does
it not?  In the USA, it is aaaaalll about liability.  If the car has a
steering wheel and the autopilot screws up, the driver is liable.  If no
steering wheel, the company is at fault.  

I have half a mind to wait until the no-steering-wheel car is available,
drive my own damn self until then.


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