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>> What remains to be seen is if sufficient stock buyers will bet against Spike's Law to fund a company to make cars without a steering wheel.  That one I don't know.

>...Spike, let me assure you that the statement about (most) lawyers (most of the time) suing for the _expectation_ of money is both something I’m not denying and something that tells us nothing here. 

Dan the observation tells us everything: investors will be scared away by the risk of lawsuits.  I sure would be: I wouldn't go anywhere near that stock.  I already stayed away from Tesla stock because of their adding self-driving capability.  That is asking for trouble.  Just thinking of all the money I lost by not betting on Tesla, oh it makes my butt hurt.

>... but having a PE doesn’t make one a legal expert much less an expert of forecasting changes in law.

>...Regards,  Dan

Having a PE license makes me the world's foremost expert on what projects I will personally work for.  I wouldn't go anywhere near the place unless there was some kind of blanket indemnity for that particular activity, where courts or our legal system declared self-driving cars a kind of special case where normal tort law doesn't apply.  Should self-driving car companies somehow be given blanket immunity, then stock buyers will come and controls engineers will come.  I don't expect the lawsuit industry or the US legal system to offer such immunity.

Writing about it does give me an idea however.  All legal systems are not like the USA.  We could perhaps find a city in... someplace... (where?) and set up a grand experiment where self-driving car companies cannot be sued in the event of an epic fail.


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