[ExI] enough time has passed...

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Sat Jan 22 23:39:11 UTC 2022

On Sat, 22 Jan 2022 at 23:20, William Flynn Wallace via extropy-chat
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> Well, tell us, oh great gurus:  with the hindsight we have, just what should have been done re the virus?  What should not have been done (omitting the obvious mandates)?  bill w
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I think it is much too early to be drawing conclusions. I worry about
the long-term effects of almost everything that has happened.
Long-term Covid infections, new Covid mutations, unexpected mRNA
vaccine effects, population psychological effects, Government powers
that won't be removed, all the undetected other illnesses developing while
everyone was concentrating on Covid, economic disruptions, and so

Wake me up when it is all over!


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