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>…Well, tell us, oh great gurus:  with the hindsight we have, just what should have been done re the virus?  What should not have been done (omitting the obvious mandates)?  bill w



OK.  The government got behind development of the vaccine, removed its own red tape, offered blanket immunity to lawsuit to its developers.  OK, done.  That was accomplished by autumn 2020.  That’s all they needed to do full stop.


Then we had two POTUSes in a row recommend it, but in a way that caused harm: Americans generally don’t trust those two (well, imagine that (for our European friends, I am referring to Trump and Biden.))  


But putting that aside, what we should have done is encourage a bit more openness and honesty, more glastnost.  Tell the public we have developed this vaccine, it might work: it might cause immediate health problems (but probably not) it might have long term health impacts (currently unknown) it might prevent transmission (mostly did not) it might confer long-term immunity (it did not) it might make infection less serious and less likely to kill you (success on that one, yay for us.)


We could have allowed companies to mandate the vaccines or any other measure if they wish, but would not offer those mandating companies indemnity should they require the vaccine which then harmed the employees, who could then sue them to the cufflinks.  Allow doctors to prescribe off-label anything they believed would help or the patient requested, understanding that this is a best guess and doctors do what they can to help.  Doctors are good people who went into the biz to help others.  I trust them a heeeeellll of a lot more than I trust politicians.


Good chance a pretty similar percentage of the proletariat would get the vaccines, possibly somewhat lower but note that in our current world, the countries which didn’t vaccinate are generally finished with covid, but the most intensively vaccinated countries still look like this:




Conclusion: governments don’t know everything.  Medical decisions should be made by medics, not politicians.  Governments should support the medics in every way possible, and other than that, keep their own grubby paws out of it.




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