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>…But you’re all gonna die if it is required that at least a certain proportion of the population take the measures, and this proportion is larger than those who would do it voluntarily.


Stathis Papaioannou



Summary: We were told to follow the science by the people who were following the science fiction.

>…You’re avoiding the point. IF there is some measure which will save you if widely implemented enough, you won’t be able to implement it if a large enough proportion of the population won’t do it voluntarily. It’s a deficit in the system, if indeed that is your system. You seem to think it isn’t a problem, or indeed that it is a desirable feature. So all you can do is hope for the best.


Stathis Papaioannou




Oh OK cool, I understand.  No worries, I have a counter suggestion.


Forget some kind of government system.  Instead, gently compel people using those who have star power, such as rock stars who are generally appreciated by the masses (who?) movie actors, such as that.  I have some suggestions, but before I get to that: ask all politicians to just keep quiet about it for now, all of them.  They are polarizing figures, too likely to cause harm than good.


So…  get guys who are not being paid, who will do this as a public service.  I recommend serious voices such as Tom Hanks and Clint Eastwood, then add some clowny guy such as Dave Chapelle.  Perhaps add in the actor who played the good guy doctor in ER, Anthony Edwards, in his Doctor Greene costume, or better yet that drop-dead gorgeous Laura Innes in her Dr. Kerry Weaver costume.  I will do whatever she says.  Get those people to talk to us heart to heart, with Chapelle throwing in funny wisecracks occasionally.


Assemble that kind of team.  Have them explain to the public what we know and what we don’t know.  Be perfectly honest.  Tell them there is a small risk of heart inflammation.  Tell them we don’t know if immunity will last or how long.  Tell them we don’t know if it will stop transmission.  We don’t know if it will make you more susceptible to a later mutation (that one took everyone by surprise.)  We don’t know if it might have long-term consequences, we don’t know if it will trigger auto-immune diseases, but we think the risk of that stuff is lower than the benefit: it reduces the severity and the risk you will die if you do catch.


Have these guys (and Dr. Weaver) explain all this, don’t let politics into the discussion anywhere, be up front about the intentionally limited powers of government and that government cannot give itself new powers in response to a crisis unless it declares war (against who?)  Keep all that out of the discussion.  Bring in actual doctors to present data.  Make it a fun show that people will view.


Stathis, suppose that will work better than what we did?  Me too.



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