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>>> Well, tell us, oh great gurus:  with the hindsight we have, just what
>>> should have been done re the virus?  What should not have been done
>>> (omitting the obvious mandates)?  bill w
>> My dispute is with those who say that EVEN IF measures such as mandated
>> mask-wearing and vaccines would stop the pandemic or at least save many
>> lives, they should not be implemented, because fuck other people.
> It would save a whole lot more lives to ban cigarettes and addictive foods
> full of sugar and massive amounts of sodium, fat, and carbs.  Or alcohol.
> Or stopping pharmaceutical companies from selling opioids that caused the
> epidemic which is the #1 killer of young people in the USA. Or, idk, make
> everyone wear a helmet when they are driving.  You act like you don't have
> your own personal line on autonomy vs. safety.  We all do.  It's a value
> judgment, and you're acting like it's objective.  Why not do those other
> things?  People pretend they give a shit about others, but they actually
> don't, otherwise they would have said something about any one of those
> issues earlier.  Really, they are just full of fear for themselves, and
> they're pissed off that life was put on hold, and they need someone to
> blame it on.  It NEVER had to do with helping others.  It had to do with
> helping themselves, and blind obeisance to nebulous authority figures
> (again, fear: because when you grow up, you gain the fear that nobody knows
> what the fuck is going on, and you desperately want some authority to just
> tell you everything is going to be ok like your mothers used to.

The difference is that with most of those other things you mention people
are only directly harming themselves. Turning yourself into a virus factory
is different.

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