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>…### Let's posit the following situation:


>…A new virus created in a PLA lab in China is accidentally released. It does not kill men but it kills all women …

>…Would I support a mandate for all men to be vaccinated … Rafal




Thanks, fun example Rafal, but the sports world has already managed to mess up that scenario.  We have a record-smashing swimmer woman now, but the virus doesn’t know she is a woman, so it infects her just as if she were a man.  (Viruses are so retro that way.)  She takes it into the locker room, since she is not required to take the vaccine, scratch the women’s swim team.


We did this to ourselves.  It may be impossible to undo this to ourselves.


At some point we must acknowledge that we are trying to use the US legal system for something the US legal system cannot do.  There is a way to change it, but I notice no one bothered to try, or even seriously suggest it.  Governor’s mandates are not laws.  The legislatures never made new laws, even in response to covid.


A good example: some businesses in California require proof of vaccination to enter.  However… it does not (and cannot in California) require photo ID.  So one is not required to present one’s OWN proof of vaccination card, but rather one is required only to present A proof of vaccination card.  We did this to ourselves.


I believe there are better and more effective ways to deal with the crisis than our planet demonstrated in the past coupla years.



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