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>…I believe there are paths to get to really good places but that they are difficult paths…


Thanks for that, Will.


>…  It's not easy to turn off this tribal fear conditioning.  Will


Ja, it can be turned down under conditions of perfect safety.  Remove all threats, we are better apes.  The path to making a society more fair, open and accepting of others is not the soft-on-crime route, for that is self-defeating.  Prosecutors being soft on crime increases crime, people feel threatened, the better angels of our nature are told to be gone, we become a more fearful and distrustful society, we elect politicians who promise to crack down on the scary bad guy.  


This concept is in perfect harmony with Steven Pinker’s notions, and with Dawkins.  I consider both those lads very insightful. 


Watch what unfolds in the next three to five years.



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