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> Will, I suggest reading or re-reading The Selfish Gene, in which Dawkins
> explains altruism.  We do have it.  You are apparently a cynic who doesn't
> care for others and are projecting your feelings to me, the group, and
> humanity entirely.  I hope I am wrong and you are just feeling testy.
> bill w

Kin selection isn't really altruistic, for what it's worth.  It's still
governed by how close the others are genetically to the self.

I do believe people want to be good but it is very easy to make them
selfish using fear.  That's what I think has happened here.  I am an
idealist but I am realistically idealistic, if that oxymoron makes any
sense.  I believe there are paths to get to really good places but that
they are difficult paths.  It's not easy to turn off this tribal fear
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