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>…Tribal fear conditioning:  just what did you have in mind here?  It is my belief that xenophobia is innate.  Perhaps only the directions of the fears are determined by social conditioning.  Is that what you meant?  bill w




Billw, ja you and I agree on this.  You are right.  It is clear to me that xenophobia is innate, but can be suppressed and controlled, just as we can learn to control negative emotions such as anger and fear.  Xenophobia is a negative emotion that societal evolution has placed in human kind (and every other kind for that matter.)


Over time, our lives have become safer (by a lot.)  The notion of treating everyone as equals has a chance to grow into reality if we can maintain a safe society, where fear is low and trust is high.


A society which is soft on crime results in more crime, which results in more fear and distrust, which results in reduced acceptance of those less similar which results in crackdowns on crime.  This notion is in harmony with Pinker, Dawkins, Geoffrey Miller and to a large extent even Nicholas Christakis.


Billw, I have very little cognitive dissonance on the topic of human nature.  It is clear enough to me how we got to be the way we are, and where we are going from here.




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