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Conversely, if this widely implemented measure X gave everyone cancer in five years it would be good if it were not adopted by 100% of the population. I think some degree of robustness is afforded by populations not all doing X at any one time.


It can be a deficit in some circumstances and a strength in others, but we can't always know upfront which it is.


Consider that when you turn on the lights, half the cockroaches scatter and hide and the other half remain in the open to continue eating. The ones that scatter risk starvation while those that remain out risk getting squashed. Either strategy can be good or bad for the individual, but the species as a whole benefits by distributing different response strategies across members of the population. It's a hallmark of evolution and necessary for a species's survival.


>…Thanks for putting this concisely, this is essentially what I've been telling people; I say something like "SOMEBODY has to not take it!" but I like the way you put it better.  But yeah I've been saying that it doesn't make sense for 100% of people to immediately take a medical intervention that the government or society tells them to.  Things need balance, harmony.  If we lived in a society where 100% of people blindly listen to authority, that would not be good.  Will




Me too, and it was something that needs to be said.


Jason you are a quiet one mostly.  Why not post more?  Whaddya we gotta do, start a chant?  Well, OK then.


JaaaSON… JaaaSON… JaaaSON…



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