[ExI] How Infinite Series Reveal the Unity of Mathematics

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Subject: [ExI] How Infinite Series Reveal the Unity of Mathematics

Infinite sums are among the most underrated yet powerful concepts in mathematics, capable of linking concepts across math’s vast web.
By Steven StrogatzJanuary 24, 2022


The most compelling reason for learning about infinite series (or so I tell my students) is that they’re stunning connectors. They reveal ties between different areas of mathematics, unexpected links between everything that came before. It’s only when you get to this part of calculus that the true structure of math — all of math — finally starts to emerge.

Fascinating story!   Recommended!



Great article BillK thanks!

I have long been a big fan of infinite series.  If one gets really hot with those techniques, insights come to that one.  Enlightenment and understanding come to those who get infinite series.

Cool magazine, thanks for that too.


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