[ExI] How Infinite Series Reveal the Unity of Mathematics

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Subject: [ExI] How Infinite Series Reveal the Unity of Mathematics

Infinite sums are among the most underrated yet powerful concepts in mathematics, capable of linking concepts across math’s vast web.
By Steven StrogatzJanuary 24, 2022



Fascinating story!   Recommended!



BillK, this is a most insightful comment:

	Infinite series — the sum of infinitely many numbers, variables or functions that follow a certain rule — are bit players in the great drama of calculus. While derivatives and integrals rightly steal the show, infinite series modestly stand off to the side. When they do make an appearance it’s near the end of the course, as everyone’s dragging themselves across the finish line... Steven Strogate

Oh how true is this.  A grueling year of calculus is coming to a close and by the time they really get to this, we are tired.  We saw that it is wicked cool and astonishing, but were just tired by then, so much like seeing the most stunning scenery of the whole trip on the way home.


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