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>…The Xrays on my bad knee showed that it was bone on bone - no whatever kind of tissue was there is not there anymore.  Maybe osteoarthritis kills it slowly.  Overuse does too:  consider football linemen:  tremendous pressure every play on the knees and hips, and ergo many hip and knee replacements in that group.  Spike - it's just age, old buddy.  You can try glucosamine/chondroitin and it probably won't help.  Avoid injections if at all possible:  there is a very limited number of them you can have, and to boot, they damage tissue too, as does any steroid.  You want to save the injection until the pain just begs you to do something.  And when the injections have to stop it's time to consider replacement.  Getting older is dealing with pain, no way around it.  You could also try some anti-inflammatories, such as Naproxen, curcurmin, aspirin, and so on.  bill w



Ja, OK but what was wondering is what physiological changes occurred over time such that teenage knees come bounding down the stairs but mine don’t?  I think you said it: arthritis somehow reduces its volume which somehow causes pain signals upon impact.


Regarding the comment: Spike-it’s just age, old buddy… I prefer to think of myself as middle-aged buddy, which assumes of course that I live past 120, or perhaps even late-youth buddy, but either way, a fun thought occurred to me today: you asked about modern pop music and I had one, but wasn’t sure if it qualifies.  Read on please.


Back in the waaaay olden days, we had American Top 40 on the AM radio, and it was even better for those who could afford FM in their cars, and that station would have oldies day, where they specified the term referred to the music, not the audience.  The songs were mostly from the 50s, a few from the early 60s which at that time was only 20 years old.  Their definition of oldies in music was 20 years.  Sheesh.  Well OK then, plenty of us who were teens noticed the “oldies” were generally better music than the… newies.  It was cool stuff, Elvis and Everlys and Roy Orbison and so forth.


There was is a hip mod group but by now it would oldies: the Cranberries.  They were mostly 1990s I think, great sound, female lead vocalist outstanding, but the lyrics, oh mercy.  Sheesh try cheerfulness Delores, oy vey.


Billw there it is: Cranberries, so with that I can almost declare myself a mod hipster.



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