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'It's just age old buddy' - didn't say old age.  Physically we start down hill as soon as we mature - sad thought for the day, eh?


Your knees usually begin to deteriorate because of: Your age: The most common types of arthritis to cause knee deterioration and pain in aged knees include osteoarthritis (worn out cartilage), rheumatoid arthritis (autoimmune disease), gout (acid buildup in joints) and septic arthritis (infected knee joint).  So you probably have the beginnings of osteoarthritis  In the 50s there was a TV show that played the pop hits of the week.  The guy was Snooky Landsen.  I saw him trying to sing an Elvis song, I think it was Heartbreak Hotel, and it was the strangest thing I have ever seen in music.  Dorkishness, nerdism, does not begin to describe what he did to that song.  The show went off the air shortly after that.  bill w



Ja to all.  


Regarding those covid vaccines, one of the biggest remaining unknowns is the long term effects of messing with the immune system.  Whether or not those things have any long term effect, let us think a thought-experiment.  Assume they have nooooo long term immune system response.  We have a spectrum of beliefs on the vaccines, a spectrum of fear of vaccines and covid (as I illustrated with the two-axis plot a few months ago.)  


Thought experiment, what if… there are people who start to spread the word that they were compelled to get a covid vaccine and it triggered their (fill in your favorite auto-immune disorder.)  When a malady starts to get a lot of press, some people imagine that they have that, which may form a positive feedback loop.  People develop auto-immune disorders of all kinds regardless of what immune-therapy they are receiving, but this hands them a perfect blame point.  We are STILL seeing vaccines blamed for autism in spite of having no convincing evidence of a correlation.  My prediction: any time now (surprised it hasn’t already happened) we will start hearing some auto-immune disorder is triggered by the covid vaccines.


Pardon me for mixing two different topics under a third and completely unrelated subject line.  Regarding Snooky doing Elvis, there was a disc Pat Boone produced a heavy metal album.  Not kidding, he really did:




I bought it as a gag gift for my mother in law, who was a huge fan back in the 50s.  Ya gotta hand it to him, the man can croon.  So… we put it on, just to see what he did.  Well… much to our surprise… he really improved most of the songs he covered.  Some heavy metal pieces really do have a tune, and if one Pat-Boone-izes them with a pleasant voice such as his, can really be most tolerable.  Please please heavy metalers, don’t mess with Boone’s material.  April Love on screechy guitars, let’s just not go there por favor.



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