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So... why do old knees hurt but young knees do not?  What physiological change took place?  


### Mitochondrial damage accumulates over time, decreasing energy-generating capacity, shifting energy generation towards glycolysis, decreasing reserves needed for maintenance of tissue integrity (in cartilage it's proteoglycan turnover). Cartilage that is not maintained becomes brittle, inflammatory response is mounted against the degenerating tissue matrix and chondrocytes die off, the whole mess irritates surrounding tissues that have innervation and pain signals are generated…. - if the joints are unstable mechanically or the pain is extreme and unrelenting, consult a physician with expertise in exercise science.





WOWsers, thanks Dr. Rafal!


I have been ramping up the exercise.  The FitBit is keeping track of it all, so I made some graphs and charts for my archives.  Interesting stuff, and I think you are right: keep them moving, it isn’t so much wear and tear with joints, it is wear and repair.  Keep that cycle going and it keeps going.



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