[ExI] Why Tesla Can Program Its Cars to Break Road Safety Laws

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> *Thousands of Teslas are now being equipped with a feature that prompts
> the car to break common traffic laws — and the revelation is prompting some
> advocates to question the safety benefits of automated vehicle technology
> when unsafe human drivers are allowed to program it to do things that
> endanger other road users.In an October 2021 update its deceptively named
> “Full Self Driving Mode” beta software, the controversial Texas automaker
> introduced a new feature that allows drivers to pick one of three custom
> driving “profiles” — “chill,” “average,” and “assertive” — which moderates
> how aggressively the vehicle applies many of its automated safety features
> on U.S. roads.The rollout went largely unnoticed by street safety advocates
> until a Jan. 9 article in The Verge, when journalist Emma Roth revealed
> that putting a Tesla in “assertive” mode will effectively direct the car to
> tailgate other motorists, perform unsafe passing maneuvers, and roll
> through certain stops (“average” mode isn’t much safer). All those
> behaviors are illegal in most U.S. states, and experts say there’s no
> reason why Tesla shouldn’t be required to program its vehicles to follow
> the local rules of the road, even when drivers travel between jurisdictions
> with varying safety standards.“Basically, Tesla is programming its cars to
> break laws,” said Phil Koopman, an expert in autonomous vehicle technology
> and associate professor at Carnegie Mellon University. “Even if [those
> laws] vary from state to state and city to city, these cars knows where
> they are, and the local laws are clearly published. If you want to build an
> AV that drives in more than one jurisdiction and you want it to follow the
> rules, there’s no reason you can’t program it up to do that. It sounds like
> a lot of work, but this is a trillion-dollar industry we’re talking about.”*

### Another hatepiece on Tesla. If a human may choose to ignore a law on
his own, then he must be able to choose to ignore a law when using a robot.
It's obvious.

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