[ExI] Why Tesla Can Program Its Cars to Break Road Safety Laws

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> Indeed, one could similarly ask "Why are cars sold today with speed
> governors whose limits are set beyond any legal speed limit?" These car
> manufacturers are allowing drivers to violate the law.

One reason is that cars are sometimes used in places where speed limits
don't apply.

The answer is there are many situations where it is acceptable to break a
> law under the "choice of evils" defense:

Sure. People should be able to intentionally violate the law. Putting your
self-driving car in an aggressive mode that violates laws for no other
reason than saving a few seconds or being "cool" is not sufficient
justification, IMO.

I wouldn't want to be in a car that prevented the vehicle from performing
> an illegal U-turn in the event a tornado us spotted on the horizon. Will
> self-piloting cars be capable of recognizing such dangers, or weighing
> harms and evils, or does that require Turing-test-passing levels of
> intelligence?

A human could always take over the driving and accept responsibility for
their aggressive driving. Of course, if a Tesla is involved in an accident
and it's determined that it was due to the car being in aggressive mode,
the driver could certainly be culpable.

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