[ExI] Why Tesla Can Program Its Cars to Break Road Safety Laws

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>…I wouldn't want to be in a car that prevented the vehicle from performing an illegal U-turn in the event a tornado you spotted on the horizon…





Heh, excellent example Jason.


Around where I live, there is another example: how can you program your car to avoid dangerous neighborhoods?


There was a controversial product a few years ago: a guide for tourists of places you don’t go.  Understandably the people who live in the places you don’t go were most annoyed at the negative impact on their real estate value (well, some of them were annoyed (many were favorable to that rating (perhaps it attracted customers (and reduced their rent.))))  We have a local interstate freeway where passers-thru have been slain by gunfire while asleep in the back seat, on the interstate.  I don’t go that way.


We had two extrocons near here.  So all these innocents were coming to my neighborhood where I know there damn well are areas where ya just don’t go, and the shortest route to places ya do go go thru there.  Twenty yrs ago we had one of our extrocons at UC Berkeley.  BERKELEY fer cryin out loud!  Fortunately there were no injuries or serious fatalities.  



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