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So, what is an extrocon? Google doesn't know.

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The extrocons were kinda like a Zoom meeting, except that the participants would physically transport their carcasses to a common geographical location where they would…


Oh wait, retract all.  BillW I have grown accustomed to explaining to teenagers how things were in the olden days (defined as before they were born.)  For most of us here, enlightened ones all, we remember when a “meeting” required actual literal transportation, where people would do things such as meet face-to-unmasked face, and “shake hands” (another one of those odd (and currently ill-advised) social customs to which the young are not accustomed in our tragically contagious times.)  Billw, that’s why I treasure friends such as you and the others who remember how it was before 2019.  May you live at least as long as I do, and may that be a long time.


Those extrocons took place generally in the 90s up to about 2001 or so.  Oh we had a blast.  It was so much fun, meeting in person the people whose writings I had read for years, listening to presentations by the illuminated ones, even being invited to make a pitch myself, which I used to urge people to write paper notes to Gina Nanogirl Miller and Keith Henson, no excuses do it now while I am standing here etc, for in their cases there was no alternative means of communication.  I haven’t heard from Gina in a long dang time.  Keith moved down to San Diego a few years ago and hasn’t been active much online for about the past coupla years I think.


Being upstanding extropians, they wrote the notes.  I collected them, packaged them up, posted them to the recipients.  We had a party at my home which has gone down in the folklore of my neighborhood, a story that I am a worshipper of some deity by the name of Dick Seacups where we prayed a kind of rosary known as hakosote (details cheerfully available on request (most cheerfully (they are some fun details.)))


Oh I learned so much.











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>…how can you program your car to avoid dangerous neighborhoods?.... spike




Perhaps I should define the term dangerous in this context.  I live near San Jose.  A dangerous neighborhood is not one where you hear gunshots at night.  A dangerous neighborhood is one where you hear the clink clink clink of spent shells hit the pavement.









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