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> It won't be long until we are questioning everything we read on the
> internet.
> And questioning images we see on the internet as deepfakes get better
> all the time.

Or you could assume it's all junk.  The disclaimer is that everything you
see and hear is for entertainment purposes only.  Any similarity to
information you think you know is purely coincidental.

I'm still trying to understand how we believe we are communicating at all.

Do you agree that I have asserted a position by the above statement?  Would
you concede that what you believe I have asserted says nothing about my
assertion and everything about your belief?

I imagine you can draw a circle/sphere/hypersphere around any idea we might
communicate and say that based on the appearance of the side/face that you
see/recognize (to within some degree of semblance/recognition) that the
details contained within are known/understood... and we continue to
exchange these baubles of thought as though the tokens themselves have
expressive power.  If we ever crack one open to be sure the contents are as
well-understood as we imagined, what do we find?  Misunderstanding?
Completely disparate ideas of Truth?  (sorry Brent) ambiguities like
Redness of Red?  :)

I am seeing it become commonplace for people to exchange animated gif
images in place of words.  I was lamenting the fact that while a picture is
worth a thousand words, animated gif are sometime hundreds of images/frames
(yes, many of those words are duplicative from frame to frame)  and I have
to guess at which of the many nuances are possibly being expressed.  I may
have a pathological language parsing problem that exacerbates this
explosion of nuance, so when I asked my wife what was likely the meaning of
a third party's "weirdo dancing" gif she told me that i was overthinking it
and all that should be inferred is a basic "happy it's thursday" - but all
i was able to assert is that I received/acknowledged the message was sent.
But i think that's where this phenomenon is very similar to Newspeak:  we
have isolated ourselves from understanding each other by never sharing
actual understanding.  In the case of newspeak the idea was to make words
so constrainted that they have only [government-]controlled meaning.  In
the case of .gifspeak, the meaning is so ambiguous that it may as well have
none at all.  Is this perspective stuck in my craw right now?  should I let
it go into the void with all the other insights nobody will ever
appreciate?  Or is this email another hypersphere wrapping the attempt to
convey meaning where there in fact is none beyond the shell itself?

Yes, this meta conversation is very reminiscent of holographic principle...
and at some point, it could be argued that all of what we think is Real is
simple empty shells carefully arranged for entertainment purposes only.
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