[ExI] Why Tesla Can Program Its Cars to Break Road Safety Laws

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>…That's good to hear no one was hurt. I don't buy into the "we should hide it because it hurts the real estate value" arguments, as locals know already what areas to avoid if they can help it…


Jason when we had E5 in San Jose, I had recurring nightmares of innocents going into the wrong areas, some of which were within walking distance of the McEnery Convention Center where we were meeting.  I struggled to gently explain to them that if you want to go wandering, go north over toward the State U campus is fine, lotsa fun stuff to do around there, to the west museums and such, but don’t go south, for if they walked underneath the freeway, search parties wouldn’t risk going in there, no one has ever returned, if you accidentally wander in, just save time and suffering, go to the street corner 24 hour mortuary, pick out your favorite wooden box, hand them your credit card, climb in, say a few nice words over your corpse, close the lid, be done with it, there is no escape etc.


Well now.  I was down near there last week and decided to take a chance, wandered in there.  I was astonished.  The place doesn’t look half bad now.  20 years ago, death would be swift and certain.  10 years before that, swifter and certainer.  Now… the place really doesn’t look half bad.  It safe enough (during the daylight.)  I saw mamas with their baby strollers out walking about, plenty of refurbished homes down there, restaurants in operation.  Convenience stores not so much but perhaps their day has come and (very recently) gone.



>… Zillow used to have a crime map, I think Trulia still does. More information is better and hiding it doesn't promote getting the attention needed for finding solutions, or enabling informed personal risk assessments and decisions.  Jason


Some sites are still doing this.  If you physically transport yourself down to the local headquarters, the constabulary made a physical crime map which our bobbies display for the proletariat.  Its radius is about 20 miles, so that would take in San Jose.


The part that bothers me a bit is that all shootings are not equal.  Consider for example… constable patrolling Blind Man’s Alley hears eight gunshots, finds one dead guy drilled thru the center of mass with smoking gun still in his hand, seven shell casings on the ground around him, three still in the weapon.  About 50 feet away, she finds one spent case, no blood on the ground anywhere.  Being Blind Man’s Alley, no one saw anything of course.  In that neighborhood, no one ever sees anything and scarcely notices the sound of gunfire, so she gets no witnesses, no testimony, no clues.  Was that a murder?  I would hafta say no.  It suggests to me that someone opened fire on someone who actually knew how to use his weapon, who (understandably) then returned fire, slaying the would-be murder, then fled the scene, perhaps for perfectly valid reasons having nothing to do with law enforcement (he or she would not necessarily be a felon, not involved in a drug purchase or sale, might have a concealed carry permit, but understands what happens if his or her identity becomes known.)  That looks to me like justifiable homicide in self defense, not a murder.  When I read of crime statistics, I keep in mind these kinds of scenarios.


Zillow’s map would record that as gun-related homicide perhaps.



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