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Can crows outsmart your seven-year-old kid? It’s a close call Turns out, they can both hold a grudge.
Crows are known to be incredibly intelligent and have a strong memory, with studies indicating that they can recognize and remember individual human faces. Crows may also keep grudges and pass them to their kids, which is why you should never meddle with the crows in your neighborhood.


Fascinating video!  Really well done.  16 minutes.




This is very cool indeed!  Thx man!

I have been a crow fan for decades.  I already knew they sometimes interact in a friendly way with dogs, if the dog has the right attitude, and they teach other crows.

We have some years in which hard nuts come on local trees.  The birds cannot crack the hard shells but the local crows and ravens have figured out how to drop them where cars will run them over.  I think the observed me moving over to intentionally crack the nuts as I come in, so the locals somehow spread the word (spread the caw?) that I am a friend of crows.  They don't reward me exactly, but they seem to somehow sense that I like to watch them, so they hang around and do non-aggressive interaction.  Example: an aggressive crow interaction is to swoop a pedestrian.  But they don't do that to me: they glide gently by, or if there is a good breeze, will glide upwind to say caw amigo, thanks for running over my walnuts.

I am intrigued by the notion of setting up some kind of device which would encourage crows to pick up litter in exchange for a treat.


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