[ExI] ford ceo on the value of full self driving

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This is a transcript of an interview with James Farley, the CEO of Ford, on
the company's plans to implement full self driving mode in cars.  He thinks
it is worth 10k, but I consider that an underestimate.  Telsa was charging
12k for the option and it doesn't even do what was advertised.  People are
still buying it now, knowing that it isn't fully implemented.




I would buy a toned-down version of FSD, which is freeway super-cruise,
where the car just gets in the far right lane and stays there, doesn't pass
stuff, doesn't really do anything other than cruise, wakes you when you are
approaching your exit and if you don't respond, such as if you are stoned or
dead or at a critical moment entertaining your sweetheart, it would take the
exit and pull over, stop.


This is the first new car option in a long time for which I would pay good



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