[ExI] Sexual Assault problem in the Metaverse

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> There are extremely unpleasant people on the internet. The traditional
> response had been to block them once identified.
> There is a significant population of people who would prefer the
> traditional response to be to render extremely unpleasant behavior
> literally impossible via some kind of technological solution (this problem
> is AGI-complete), and moreover, to permanently ruin the lives of these
> unpleasant people in the real world, once they are identified (this problem
> is coup-complete, and they're working on it).

### Yeah, I am getting the feeling that the "victim" in this interaction is
the actual predator who wants to enjoy the pleasure of screwing other
people over, in real life.

VR offers an easy solution to users that you might dislike - the visual
analog of email list blocking in the sense of making the offensive users
invisible to you. But the easy solution is not what they want.

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