[ExI] Sexual Assault problem in the Metaverse

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This is also dangerous for people in countries like the US as it will
irresistibly tempt their politicians to turn their country into a country
like China.

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> > There are extremely unpleasant people on the internet. The traditional
> response had been to block them once identified.
> >
> > There is a significant population of people who would prefer the
> traditional response to be to render extremely unpleasant behavior
> literally impossible via some kind of technological solution (this problem
> is AGI-complete), and moreover, to permanently ruin the lives of these
> unpleasant people in the real world, once they are identified (this problem
> is coup-complete, and they're working on it).
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> In their Metaverse, Meta already has a Personal Boundary setting that
> defaults to a 24-inch bubble around every avatar. If every avatar uses
> this, then they are unable to approach closer than four feet apart.
> The woman described how the approaching males persuaded her to switch
> off this setting, as they had already done for their own avatar.
> I suspect she agreed because she wanted to see what would happen.
> So don't switch that setting off!  And block nasty people!
> The problem with punishing bad behaviour is the requirement to remove
> anonymity from internet users. The "powers-that-be" would love to have
> this option so that real people could be followed around and every
> action or word recorded on social credit databases. This is dangerous
> for people in countries like China where people can become non-persons
> because of a bad social credit score, or even jailed for protesting
> against the government.
> BillK
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