[ExI] Sexual Assault problem in the Metaverse

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Thu Jun 2 19:21:21 UTC 2022

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> There are extremely unpleasant people on the internet. The traditional response had been to block them once identified.
> There is a significant population of people who would prefer the traditional response to be to render extremely unpleasant behavior literally impossible via some kind of technological solution (this problem is AGI-complete), and moreover, to permanently ruin the lives of these unpleasant people in the real world, once they are identified (this problem is coup-complete, and they're working on it).
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In their Metaverse, Meta already has a Personal Boundary setting that
defaults to a 24-inch bubble around every avatar. If every avatar uses
this, then they are unable to approach closer than four feet apart.
The woman described how the approaching males persuaded her to switch
off this setting, as they had already done for their own avatar.
I suspect she agreed because she wanted to see what would happen.
So don't switch that setting off!  And block nasty people!

The problem with punishing bad behaviour is the requirement to remove
anonymity from internet users. The "powers-that-be" would love to have
this option so that real people could be followed around and every
action or word recorded on social credit databases. This is dangerous
for people in countries like China where people can become non-persons
because of a bad social credit score, or even jailed for protesting
against the government.


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