[ExI] Trans athletes and fairness

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Sun Jun 5 03:23:53 UTC 2022

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Subject: Re: [ExI] Trans athletes and fairness

> https://youtu.be/cZ9YAFYIBOU
>>... This is mainly aimed at Spike. ;)

>...Sabine Hossenfelder is deft in her application of scientific thinking to
whatever interests her, even controversial topics. This is an excellent
example of that. She doesn't beat around the proverbial bush at all.


Ja!  Recall our own Amara Graps, who is big friends with Sabine.  Sabine
posted on ExI as guest a coupla times but didn't subscribe if I recall.
That was about 20 yrs ago.

Has anyone heard from Amara recently?  Contact info please?

Transgender sports: oy, that is an example of a cultural dilemma which just
doesn't have a clean solution.


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