[ExI] Trans athletes and fairness

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> Subject: Re: [ExI] Trans athletes and fairness
>> https://youtu.be/cZ9YAFYIBOU
>>> ... This is mainly aimed at Spike. ;)
>> ...Sabine Hossenfelder is deft in her application of scientific thinking to
> whatever interests her, even controversial topics. This is an excellent
> example of that. She doesn't beat around the proverbial bush at all.
> John
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> Ja!  Recall our own Amara Graps, who is big friends with Sabine.  Sabine
> posted on ExI as guest a coupla times but didn't subscribe if I recall.
> That was about 20 yrs ago.
> Has anyone heard from Amara recently?  Contact info please?

I’m friends with Amara on FB.

> Transgender sports: oy, that is an example of a cultural dilemma which just
> doesn't have a clean solution.

This seems to be a change in someone’s view. It would also be interesting to see how Rafal reacts.



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