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> >> https://youtu.be/cZ9YAFYIBOU
> Thanks for this link.
> For me personally, the most remarkable thing about this video was that 
> *I* could understand the voice, the words, and did not need the subtitles.
> That is quite unusual. :)  I've *never* been good at at that, even as 
> a teenager.
> I'd be happy to hear how Amara is doing.  It's been years since I 
> heard from her.
> Regards,
> MB

Me too!  I lost contact with her at least 10 years ago.

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Sabine also provides a transcript for her videos.


Agree.  A transcript enables online discussion, with a copy and paste.  For
instance... I agree with this comment:

>...That said, professional sports associations will soon have a much bigger

That problem is growing every day.  In some sports, the top competitors will
soon be all XY.  Money to be made, scholarships to be won, easy to see where
this is going.

>... Like that or not, genetic engineering has become reality. And as long
as athletes can make a lot of money from having a genetic advantage,
someone's going to breed children who'll bring in that money. This is why I
suspect a century from now professional athletics will not exist anymore. It
creates too many incentives for unethical behavior.

I disagree with Sabine on that comment.  As genetic engineering advances,
Sabine predicts professional athletics will not exist anymore.  I predict
professional athletics will grow.  Notice what steroids did for the
popularity of professional baseball.  Compare any baseball card from the
1950s and 60s to any pro baseball player today.  What is the biggest
immediately-obvious difference?

I predict we will see the proliferation of new sports, specialized versions
of existing sports, games designed to the advantage of those designed for
the game.


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