[ExI] Trans athletes and fairness

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Sun Jun 5 13:04:50 UTC 2022

On Sun, June 5, 2022 08:25, BillK via extropy-chat wrote:

> Sabine also provides a transcript for her videos.
> (Some of which can get very technical)  :)
> I much prefer the transcripts, as I can pause to think, or re-read the
> complicated bits.
> To me, a video of a lecture is just like a waterfall of words that
> doesn't allow for thinking time.
> <https://backreaction.blogspot.com/>

Thanks BillK, that's very nice.  Most lectures don't have this option!  I
agree with you, it's a waterfall of words and no time to think.

This was a problem in school.   There'd be a point I needed explained
better and no way to ask or interrupt and no time to make a decent note of
my question, just keep on running with the pack, often not really groking
the rest of the lecture because part of my brain was involved with my
question. I'm sure half my education time was wasted in this futile


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