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Mon Jun 6 14:28:32 UTC 2022

from Quora:

As someone who’s completed 25 plus graduate courses in Education, while
maintaining a 3.95 GPA, I can honestly say that everything useful within
the 2 programs I completed could easily have been condensed into a weekend

That’s not to say there were no benefits. Every unit after my BA increased
my pay and the MA in Education bumped me over on the salary schedule big
time. The honest truth is that a teacher in CA can move their salary over
to the $100,000+/- range taking classes that will not make them a better
teacher, or even require an average intellectual capacity. Some of the
dumbest people I’ve met in my life have BA, MA and EdD in Education.

I did know a few who were pretty smart and could have made it outside
education, but in general the above is true.  bill w
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