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>...I was also surprised at Spike's quaint surprise at the thought of
government corruption.
About half the funding of the FDA itself comes via 'fees' from Big Pharma.
The FDA committee advisers are supposed to declare any conflict of interest.
Royalty payments may be hidden, but there are ways round this declaration.
Payments made AFTER the approval decision are not vetted. (Speaking fees,
consultancy, research, expenses, etc.).



Hmmmm... most disconcerting is this.  We gradually found out that the
vaccines had more risks than we were told about and were far less effective.
Now we are finding out they were approved by a committee which could legally
accept royalties.

I did misunderstand.  I know the ethics rules for the little people (us.)
We were told they get more strict as you go up, for obvious reasons: the
payoff gets bigger.  Now it appears they allow something at the top levels
that would get your ass fired down here.


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