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> One of these days, I'll figure out how to describe this simple concept,
> and everyone will finally get it.  Clearly, I haven't succeeded in
> describing this to anyone here, yet.

Is it not possible that at least some people here understand exactly what
you are talking about and, based on the evidence, disagree?

For instance, you posit that things like "redness" can never be fully
described in text, such that person B would understand the quality that
person A describes.  You assert that there must always be some part of the
experience of seeing red that can not ever be communicated from one person
to another and understood.

And yet, people who are not you claim to have experienced such total
communication.  (You assume your position, so in any test involving you,
you can just state your claim and no one has evidence to the contrary.  The
test is of unbiased third parties.)
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