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>…The bleating and tweeting that is done in forums like this and everywhere else (including heavely censored peer reviewed journals) just polarizes everyone, and to me is an infinitely repetitive waste of time.  The arguments that thrive in that environment are the ones that are most snarky and get retweeted and referenced (both pro and con) the most, while at Canonizer, we can track how many people a mew argument converts.  If you publish something that converts thousands of people, that is a good argument.







Cool I can do snarky.  


Brent I gotta tell ya, after all these years I give you the award for being even-tempered and gentlemanly, even when under fire.  You and John Grigg have that going for yas, and ja I do know what you two have in common.  I think they must give you guys training in gentlemanly ways.  I don’t buy into the philosophy, but I will freely give credit where it is richly due: the LDS people carry themselves in a most admirable way.  It isn’t until I am around them that I realize by contrast what an egregious asshole I am. 


Brent thanks for being you, me lad.



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